Delivering optimal value at every link of the mining production chain.

FORTAI is an advanced technology and product manufacturing company focused on delivering innovative value chain management and savings to the mining industry while providing profitable growth to investors and shareholders.

Our ADMMIT® technology is an autonomous mobile inventory management system built for dynamic environments such as mines. It tracks, delivers and manages material movement in real-time, from purchase to consumption, and links to planning and inventory controls.

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We help clients meet production targets through advanced automation of the mining value chain.

Product Overview

Building an Amazon-like distribution model for the mining industry.

ADMMIT® is a bold change to how mines function. It is a result of combining best-in-class partners and technologies from across both mining and technology sectors to create an integrated solution for materials management throughout a mine site.

Software Integration
Mobile Inventory Management
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Getting Started

Mine Materials Management Study

Let’s get started by conducting a study of how your mine site can benefit from the ADMMIT® system. We will look at how your supply chain management, ERP and other systems can be integrated and automated to save both time and money.

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