CLEIR Sanitization Cubes

The Sanitization Cube sanitizes personal protective equipment or other devices used by front-line and essential workers across a range of industries.

  • No-Wet Technology
  • UVGI and Ozone Sanitization

The Sanitization Cube technology ensures confidence in PPE for front-line and essential workers and meet the needs of a temporary new normal.

The healthcare industry is familiar with creating safe workplaces in challenging environments. Our solution will enable workers to easily sanitize everything from PPE to tools and clothing.

Sanitization Cubes are scalable, meaning that they can be sized correctly according to different workplaces and site conditions. Through increased vigilance, social distancing and safe sanitization of materials, the Sanitization Cube can help the country, community and families.

By using the sanitization chambers for PPE, clothing or other tools, users can track and log PPE as it is sanitized.